• Secure Device Platform
    Access  Manage  Collect  Monitor

    • Small/Medium Business
    • Enterprise IT Departments
    • Factories / Manufacturing / Mining
    • OEM / Vendors / Software
    • Remote Support (MSP, System Integrators, IT Depts)
    • Dev Ops
    • IoT
    Use Cases

Save Time Managing 1000s of Devices Without Breaking a sweat

With Advanced features Like Smart Device Templates, Health Alerts, and Status Monitoring, keeping your devices operational becomes a breeze.


  • TLS Encryption End to End
  • No Open Ports in the Device or Firewall
  • Secure Device Authentication
  • Enterprise Grade Options
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  • Device Status and Health
  • Network and Serial Port Forwarding
  • Remote Web Relay
  • Secure Third-Party Access 
More Features


  • Collect  and Transform Data
  • Real-time or Batch Sources
  • Send Alerts
  • Export for Analytics, Dashboards or Storage
More Features


  •  Scriptable Task Runner
  • App Store
  • New Features Added Regularly
  • Custom Development Services Available
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