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Secure, Stable Remote Access. 


Configure Jobs, Connections, and Automate Processes based on Inputs


Collect Data from Multiple Sources, Process, Modify, and Forward to the Next Stage in the Process


Get Real-time Data, Alerts, and Status from all your Assets

Advanced Device Security Provide Scaling levels of Device Security Depending on the application and can seamlessly integrate with already deployed Enterprise Security systems

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Mutual Authentication

Certificate based verification between two devices or device and server. Stored on the device.

Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting provides a means of detecting unauthorized system changes and can be configured to rely on local hardware information and network data.

Trusted Platform Modules (TPM)

TPMs provide additional security to identify and authenticate a device using a dedicated hardware module.

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

HSMs can be deployed to securely house certificates for use by devices. Cloud or On-Premise deployments for Enterprise applications.

Configuration Made Easy

Be up and running in 5 minutes on multiple Platforms

Compatible Platforms

(don't see yours or one you need, contact us)

  • Windows XP+
  • Windows IoT (x86 and ARM)
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Linux Arm (raspberry pi)
  • Linux MIPS (OpenWRT)
  • Embedded Platforms (coming soon)

Device Management

Cloud Simple from any Browser including Mobile

Simplified Deployment Through Templates

Configuration Templates allow similar devices to derive and share a common base configuration so updates get pushed to all of them

Cloud Backup/Restore

Device Configuration is stored securely in the cloud so that it can be retrieved at any time to restore or provision a replacement device

Multiple Configuration Methods

  • Visual Configuration Editors make it easy for everyone to setup and configure their devices
  • Directly Edit Configuration Files in Industry Standard YAML with auto-completion

View Device Terminal and Logs from any Browser

Support for Windows, Linux, Mac, and others all from the same Interface

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Collect Data from Multiple Sources

Manage Data across all your devices from a single portal, make jobs to transform the data, send alerts, and forward the data for additional processing like Enterprise Databases, Analytics Platforms and Dashboards

PLCs and Sensors

Built-In Support for Modbus and Extensions for many other protocols with support for serial devices

Databases and System Info

Query Databases (SQL and NoSQL), and access System Performance Metrics via SNMP, Ping, and others

Network Protocols

Access REST Services, TCP/IP Servers and issue requests for data to ingest into the pipeline

Secure Configurable Remote Access

Provide access to connected and network resources for internal and external access. Easily isolate the systems and devices and who has access to them.  Authorize one-time or repeated access, or require request/approval before access is granted each time.

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Remote Network

Access remote devices via network protocols, with complete control over the extent of the access without having to configure VPNs

Remote Serial

Remotely access connected serial devices for configuration and programming, data collection, or protocol conversion to connect with other systems

Remote Web

Remotely access local configuration interfaces for devices like routers.

Internal Users

Give Internal Users a way to access remote systems for administration and configuration. Control which groups access which systems. Log access activity. 

External Users

Provide Secure Access to External users, like MSPs, Vendors, or System Intgrators. Only provide access to the systems they require. Manually Enable/Disable Access or recieve notification when they are requesting access.


User Management

Easy User Management with Role Based Authorization, and Granular Controls


Authentication from Corporate Directory or access from Cloud OAuth providers like Microsoft and Google, support for Enterprise HMSs for Certificate Managment


Integrate with On-Premise and Hosted Enterprise Systems including Databases, BIS, ERP 

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