Everyday Problems Solved Easily

Access Linux Terminal on Cloud Hosted Server

With Indis.io installed on the Linux server you can 

  • Restrict Access without installing local users or even worse, a shared user/password that you have to change when someone leaves
  • Receive Alerts When someone logs on
  • Access Terminal Without opening any ports

Troubleshoot a remote  device (PLC, Computer, etc..)

  • Use Local copy of Vendor Software, no installation on remote or slow screen sharing
  • Prevents having to license another copy of Vendor Software just for remote access
  • Connect to Network and Serial Devices 
  • No Open Ports or VPNs to configure

Collect Shop Floor Data for Sending to Live Dashboard

  • Collect from Various Sources 
    (PLCs, Bar-code Scanners, Sensors)
  • Summarize data into manageable intervals
  • Transform data (i.e. metric to inch)
  • Enable Real-Time Alerts for critical Data Points
  • Receive Alerts when systems are offline or not sending
  • Forward to another application for Dashboarding and Analytics such as Power BI

Record Performance and Logs from Docker Containers

  • Modify Log Information based on content and use logic to determine appropriate storage location
  • Monitor Host OS Performance metrics to measure impact of System Changes
  • Record logs only under certain conditions, such as CPU load.

Receive Alerts for Performance and other Errors

  • Notify Teams of Failures and Issues as they happen
  • Dynamically Record Logs to get to the problem faster
  • Receive Notifications when System is offline and when it comes back

Monitor Collected Data in Real-Time

  • View Data-Streams as they happen
  • Use the Data to feed Dashboards and Analytics
  • Automatically Run other programs or tasks based on values
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Do More....With Less

IT Departments are constantly tasked with being everywhere at once. Decrease the time it takes for remote administration, monitoring and data handling all in one.
  • Easily Monitor Assets and Receive Alerts for Critical Errors
  • Manage Company Data with ETL Capabilities and Stream Processing
  • Configurable with Powerful but Simple Commands, No Programming Required
  • Easily Integrate with Enterprise Applications including Single Sign On, Databases, and Analytics Software
  • Provide Secure Remote Access to Vendors and Third-Parties without giving them access to our companies network or VPN


Bridge the Gap from Industrial to Modern Systems

Industrial Applications are Plagued with a mix of out of date and insecure systems. While management is tasked with bringing the company into the modern era of business analytics and information to drive efficiency. Most solutions are dated, vendor specific and require expensive hardware and personnel. Most modern solutions don't integrate with the way Industrial Systems are configured, and don't provide the proper security.

  • Collect Data From PLCs without changing their addresses or exposing them to the broader plant network, or even worse the Internet
  • Sift through the mounds of data in Real-Time and transform it into consistent company formats, filter bad data, summarize, and send alerts. All from the same place.
  • Export the Data for immediate display on the Plant floor or push to external Systems for further processing
  • Solve The Problem of giving vendors access to their equipment for support without giving them network access or allowing them to install third-party software you don't control 

Remote Support

Secure, Configurable Remote Access

  • System owners can invite third-parties to access internal systems and restrict their access. Remote access can be easily toggled on/off so the owner knows when the systems can be accessed.
  • Vendors can provide a secure solution to their customers that doesn't case them security issues
  • Remote Network and Serial makes connecting to attached devices easily, like PLCs, sensors, printers, routers, and other connected hardware.
  • No VPN, firewall, or additional configuration required

OEM/ Software Companies

Increase your offering while generating Revenue

  • Embed Indis.io in your product for a seamless way to maintain your products
  • Provide OTA updates for your system and Remote Support (Value Add!)
  • Generate Revenue or Free Licenses when you customers adopt Indis.io internally

Dev Ops

Store Logs and Data from Docker Containers

  • Small Size, Static Binary with no external dependencies. Does not use Java(JVM), which frees up container performance and reduces security footprint
  • Easily See what containers are doing without having to directly login
  • Docker Image available
  • Manage Access through SSO without having to add users that don't need admin access
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